An overdue update.

There’s been a lot of activity over the past month, and I’ve neglected to post an update. Sorry about that.

For starters, I wrote an op-ed in The Stranger about internet privacy rule changes at the federal level, and a plan for bringing municipal internet to Seattle:



With help from a number of generous volunteers, as well as my family (and even some of the neighborhood kids), we made buttons for the campaign. My son Atom can be seen in the picture wearing a bunch of them. Email me if you’d like some buttons. Donations are appreciated to cover the costs of the buttons, of course. 🙂




We have a brand new website that is under way, that one of our wonderful volunteers created. I plan to have that online soon.

Much of my time lately has been spent on filling out candidate questionnaires and pursing endorsements. Along with the new website, I have additional op-eds and campaign events planned, but getting those questionnaires completed before their deadlines has been the highest priority.

Many of our planned events will be family and pet-friendly, we’re just waiting for the weather to get better. If you’re interested in hosting a fundraiser or other event, please send me an email.

I’ll provide more updates soon…