Meet Andres

I was born in Ecuador and moved to the US at the age of three. My wife Anna was born in the former Soviet Union and came to the US as a refugee at the age of five. We met while she was a graduate student at MIT. We’ve lived in NE Seattle since 2010 and were married in beautiful Ravenna Park. Our son Atom (pronounced “Adam”) was born in Seattle in 2012. We are a multi-cultural family and believe deeply in immigrant rights and a diverse, inclusive America.

My passions include computers, transportation, and advocacy. I’ve served as Chief Technology Officer of an Internet company. I’ve worked on many Free Software projects, including the Linux kernel. If you have an Android phone, it’s likely running code that I’ve written. I’ve spent the past decade working and volunteering for non-profits, including One Laptop Per Child, Debian, and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways. My work with Free and Open-Source Software has shaped my expectations and beliefs in the open exchange of ideas, data, and citizen participation.

In 2011 I started NE Greenways, a grassroots organization that advocates for safe streets in NE Seattle neighborhoods. More recently, I helped found the #Fix65th Coalition in response to Seattle’s continued inaction after a horrible series of fatalities on NE 65th St. near Roosevelt High School. I also volunteer with other greenways groups, as well as with the umbrella Seattle Neighborhood Greenways organization, and have served on the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association’s Transportation Committee.

I’ve worked with local neighborhood groups, politicians, city and state departments, and local non-profits to help shape city policy, obtain millions of dollars in grants, adopt new master plans, organize neighborhood events (including, sadly, memorial walks for victims of traffic violence), and create both temporary and permanent roadway improvements. I’ve been published on the Seattle Bike Blog, Seattle Transit Blog, The Urbanist, and the American Journal of Public Health.

My family does not own a car. Our cargo bike functions as our minivan, carrying chicken coops, trees, furniture, our son, and more. Anna commutes to her Bellevue job by bike. We walk, take transit, and bike as a way to keep active and reduce our carbon footprint.

I love Seattle, but feel that our city could do so much more for livability — from keeping pace with growth to address affordable housing and homelessness; to building vibrant neighborhoods with green space, corner stores, and great transportation choices; to modernizing our city with municipal Internet and robust, transparent software and communications tools that save taxpayer dollars and enhance government accountability. With every memorial for a roadway fatality, every ambitious plan that gets shelved due to a lack of political leadership, every missed opportunity I see to improve our city, I can’t help but think — I could fix this. That’s why I’m running to be your next Mayor.